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Pain Relief Footwear™
The Z-Coil footwear has four unique features designed to provide you with maximum comfort and flexibility:
Built-in Orthotic
A rigid ZOrthotic™ cradles the foot, equalizing pressure distribution to reduce your chance of developing heel spurs or plantar fasciitis (pain in the midfoot).
Forefoot Cushioning
Nearly an inch of soft cushioning protects the metatarsal heads.
A conical steel coil greatly reduces the rate of impact absorbed at heelstrike.
Flex Line
A permanent flex line at the ball of the foot assists the natural flexing point.
  • Replacement Coils available in slip-resistance and rugged styles.
  • Coil covers available for all footwear.
  • Replacement insoles now available. Simply attach a low, medium, or high arch depending on your arch type.

Here are some testimonials from professional nurses that have used Z-Coil shoes.
“I received a new lease on life!”
-Marleen Leviton, RN
“These shoes are the best I have ever worn in my 36 years of nursing.”
-Diane Sepulveda
“I cannot believe what a big difference they have made in the way I feel.”
-Linda Tylich, RN

Z-Coil: The Best Investment
“I worked retail, I walk my two dogs 2 miles everyday, my family walked an entire week at Disney, I’ve walked for Relay For Life, and my Z-Coil shoes are still like walking on new carpet! They are the best investment EVER!”
-Christy S.

Z-Coil Changed My Life
“After trying on a pair I had to buy them because I could not take them off in fear of the pain coming back. Z-Coil changed my life!”
-Genevivie R.
Z-Coil Gave Me My Family Back
“I have developed plantar fasciitis and bone spurs on my heels. With Z-Coil, I no longer come home from work exhausted and in severe pain. I am able to work and come home and participate in activities with my family.”
-Joanne L.

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